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ConnectMyApps is a software integration platform for small and medium sized businesses that lets you synchronize data between your Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, E-mail, E-Commerce and other apps.
It cuts out tedious admin tasks, saving you time, money and ensuring you have correct, consistent information right when you need it.

Webshop Connections

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • 24nettbutikk
  • Mystore

ERM / Accounting Connections

  • Tripletex
  • Fiken
  • Send Regning
  • Visma Global
  • Visma Business
  • Xledger

Example on setup process for For Tripletex and WooCommerce

  • 1. Log into ConnectMyApps
  • 2. Click the green »Quick Start» button to start the workflow wizard
  • 3. Click »Add New Application» and find »Tripletex». There are instructions on the information you need to authenticate and register Tripletex in ConnectMyApps
  • 4. Once you have registered Tripletex repeat the process for WooCommerce by clicking »Add New Application» and following the instructions to register WooCommerce in ConnectMyApps
  • 5. Once both apps are added, click the boxes at the bottom of each app tile to select the two apps
  • 6. Now select the workflow, »Transfer Orders»
  • 7. You will have a series of questions you need to answer to match the workflow to your processes
  • 8. Once that is done you can schedule the workflow to run automatically. Alternatively we recommend trying some test orders from your webshop to make sure they transfer across correctly, and once you are happy with that you can activate the schedule.
For setting up Tripletex with WooCommerce you also need SSL and Rest API activated in your WooCommerce installation.
ConnectMyApps pricing for Tripletex and WooCommerce:
For our standard workflows between Tripletex and WooCommerce it is 2388kr + MVA per year. The workflows transfer orders from webshop to accounts.
The trial period is free, so you can test that the integration works for you as you need.
If you need customization or new workflows then we charge per hour, but we give you a price estimate in advance.

What about Xledger and WooCommerce?

Nathan Bray from Connectmyapps

We have asked Nathan Bray from Connectmyapps a few more questions about their connections.

Well, we would need more detail from you before committing to some aspects. Here below we’ll try to explain how it works.

We can develop an Xledger + Woo integration, and can take it step by step.
In terms of small steps, the first one would be an ‘Order transfer’ workflow, so orders in Woo get sent to Xledger.
XLedger works in a slightly different way, in that it creates an invoice base file which then needs to be imported, but this can be pretty automated and it’s the only option, we have many clients doing this and it works well.
What’s the cost with Xledger and WooCommerce?
The good news is we have the XLedger and WooCommerce end-points so we don’t need to build those. We would need a day of development to build, test and deploy the workflow. Then you would need a Connect Unlimited annual subscription, because XLedger is a Pemium app. We also help you with settin up with the integration as there is some work we need to do together with XLedger.
The cost for all this would be:
5.500NOK + 11.988NOK (annual Connect Unlimited subscription) = 17.488NOK plus tax
We can deliver within a short notice as long as we get all access as soon as possible.
What’s your experience with Xledger?
We have a lot of experience with Xledger so if anyone can help with further integrations, we can.
But of course it is impossible to say we can definitely make what they want before we know what they want. XLedger has some limitations on getting data in and out, but we normally find a workaround.

What about POS (Point of Sales Systems) with WooCommerce and Xledger?
POS + Woo + XL: This depends what you want, which app is the stock master, which POS is used and what their APIs are like.
In principle it is possible but it could be quite a bit of work especially if they want stock levels to be updated across all three apps every time there is a sale in webshop or one of their physical stores.
What we could do potentially is connect the webshop to the POS (and use one of those as stock master) to keep stock in sync between them, then transfer daily sales figures from POS to XL (we already do this for other clients) and transfer web sales from Woo to XL, so only use XL for financial records but not for stock control.
However, with stock control it depends what they sell. For example is they have complex products with variations etc sometimes matching stock levels between different apps with different APIs and which each have a different product structure is very difficult. We’d need to know more detail before making any promises on this part.

How easy is it to set up 24sevenoffice with WooCommerce via ConnectMyApps

We can deliver two workflows between WooCommerce and 24sevenOffice with our apps:
  •  Transfer orders: When new orders are created in Woo Commerce they are transferred to 24seven Office as new sales orders.
  • Sync Products: When products are created or updated they are synched with Woo Commerce. Products are matched by SKU and product number.

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